About Us

Sitting at your desk staring at piles of unorganized bills, invoices and reports? Not sure where you stand financially? Is it making you nervous or even miserable? You understand the importance of organized financial records, but it’s just not “your thing.” Not to mention you’re already busy running your business! Perennial Bookkeeping has the knowledge and experience to lighten your load so you can focus on doing what you do best and grow your business.

Kellie Cowles began her bookkeeping career in the 1980s managing the books for small insurance agencies. She didn’t plan it that way… because, who actually plans to be a bookkeeper? She discovered she had a knack for finding errors, making accounts balance and streamlining and organizing both paper and electronic records. In the process she realized that she took great satisfaction in creating easily managed structure out of what once appeared to be chaos. Maybe that’s why she’s also an avid jigsaw puzzle builder?

Kellie expanded her career to include the accounting needs of professionals, artisan contractors, personal trainers, veterinary, retail and other industries. She’s also built two freelance bookkeeping businesses and co-owned and managed a very successful fitness gym. Bottom line, Kellie loves the challenge of making financial records as easily understood and organized as possible… and keeping them that way.

Are you ready to dump your accounting blues and focus on increasing your green? Let’s get started! 626-241-6096