Specializing in Quickbooks Online, we offer the following primary services:

  • From Scratch: Individuals and new businesses often start formal record keeping with a new year. Depending on the volume of activity, we usually provide monthly or quarterly services.
  • On-Boarding: It may be necessary to backload records for prior months or years, often times matching the new records to older accounting record preferences. This is generally a dedicated project that is done prior to or in conjunction with monthly bookkeeping.
  • Monthly Bookkeeping: Our ongoing services are tailored to your needs. If you want to be “hands off”, we can do everything from paying the bills to handling collections and just provide you with regular reports. If you prefer to stay “hands on”, we will do the parts you don’t want to do and still provide you with monthly or quarterly financial reports. Either way, you control the process and we implement to your specifications.
  • Periodic and Projects: From quarterly expense reports and annual compilation of tax records to transferring accounting records to Quickbooks and teaching you to maintain them, we have the experience to help.
  • Audit Research: Occasionally, clients may need us to go back through existing records to verify their accuracy. We do this primarily to trace or correct distorted records. Depending on the specifics, the information may or may not be turned over to a designated CPA or Auditor for further review. We do NOT make any determinations of cause, we simply do the first level research (at a greatly reduced price) that can then be formally audited by the appropriately licensed professionals.

Our rates are highly competitive and developed either by the hour, month, quarter or project. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and estimate. 626-241-6096.