“I have a very busy mobile veterinary practice and it was a struggle to manage the financial aspects of my practice while focusing on my patients. Kellie has been an invaluable addition- she keeps my financials accurate and up to date, my vendors happy, and my office well organized. Many thanks to Perennial Bookkeeping for your excellent work.” Dr. Robin Holmes, Gifts of Peace

“At Girl Friday, we work with a large number of clients and vendors, and the volume of weekly transactions can be daunting.  Before Kellie came on board, our accounting department was very inefficient.  Nine months later, everything has been streamlined and organized.  Our company runs more efficiently that ever, there are no complaints, more money in the bank than ever before and we know exactly where we stand financially.  Bless Kellie for making my life and business so much calmer.”Cindi Knight, Girl Friday Personal Assistant Services

We are a small retail and service store and rely heavily on Square.  It isn’t perfect for everything, so we hired Perennial Bookkeeping to round out our needs.  Kellie synced our Square records to Quickbooks, added in payroll and backloaded half the year. This finally provided us with a detailed picture of our fluctuating revenue and expenses, making forecasting decisions so much easier.  Thanks to Kellie’s work, we were able to successfully sell this business and open up another one in Hawaii, which she also handles.Indigo Alliance LLC

“As a Vice President for an international firm, I travel extensively, inevitably accruing  numerous business expenses.  Those travel related documents grew into a rather impressive pile that I kept putting aside rather than deal with the monotony of categorizing and reporting each item.  A close friend suggested I call Perennial Bookkeeping.  Kellie took all my piles of crumpled up receipts, emails and whatnot, organized them by month (and yes, by year) and uploaded them into the company expense report program. Before I knew it, the backlog was gone and the reimbursements were rolling in.  I still call her every quarter or so, just for the sheer pleasure of not ever having to deal with those dreadful reports again!” Keith C.

“Being a successful independent realtor, I rely on the professionals around me to also do excellent work.  Perennial Bookkeeping Service keeps my accounts in order and provides me with quarterly financial reports perfect for keeping track of my business without inundating me in paperwork.  Reliable, accurate and personable, Kellie’s the best.” Sybil Stevenson